Mining and Transshipment

Ceria has started commercial mine operation with the purpose for export through direct shipment ore during the period of 2017 to 2019. There are two mine sites which are being worked on, Babarina and Wolo.

Currently Ceria operates commercial mining with domestic market orientation and with production level of 300,000 tons per month. Ceria plans to increase the total mining capacity to 12 million tons per year consisting of Saprolite and limonite ore to supply RKEF and HPAL plants which are now being developed.

Ceria’s Mining in Lapaopao Block is being done with an open mine method. The mining process starts with content-control activities to determine the ore and waste rock. The laboratory facility at the mine site provides sample preparation service and test for ore content to meet the government regulations regarding the limit of ore content for export.

The next mining activity is the excavation to separate waste rock from the ore by using heavy equipment. The ore are then placed in and transported with dump trucks to be sent to the ore stockpile location near the port for shipping.

Topsoil and waste rock are placed in topsoil heap and landfill are placed in waste rock dump. Areas which have been mined are then reclaimed and planted with trees. The ore are transported to barge then loaded to ship/barge.

Ceria operates two special terminals in Babarina and in Wolo, which are able to serve 3 to 4 ships at the same time.